Technology designed to alleviate environmental problems and reduce the use of natural resources.
Example Citation:
"A new buzzword among analysts is 'eco-tech,' or ecological technology, a line of business that they expect to draw sharply higher investment in the next few years."
— Conrad De Aenlle, "Green' Energy Gets Lift Amid Political Insecurity," The International Herald Tribune, October 30, 2001
Earliest Citation:
Pierce said the goal of 'eco-tech' is to encourage existing businesses, especially high-tech and defense firms, to retool to develop products and services that are 'environmentally responsible.'
—Bruce Mohl, "Pierce addresses environmental issues," The Boston Globe, August 15, 1990
As the above citation says, this term is a buzzwordish blend of the adjective ecological and the noun technology, the result being borderline oxymoronic. And although the world's "analysts" may view eco-tech (also eco tech or ecotech) as a new word, it has actually been buzzing around the lexicon for over ten years, as the earliest citation testifies.
Note, too, that there is another sense of eco-tech that means "the economic and technological cooperation between nations":
The regional grouping's less developed member economies, supported by this year's host-country the Philippines, have been emphasising the importance of economic and technical co-operation, or 'ecotech' in Apec jargon, over the past two days.
— Nirmal Ghosh, "Emphasise economic, technical ties, Apec urged," The Straits Times, May 25, 1996
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